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BEST VALUE >>> The FULL and Complete Kindergarten Sight Word Series Ultimate Bundle Pack!!

This pack includes all of our sight word tracing and practice worksheets in one neat bundle. You can print out back to back to make workbooks.

Students will practice tracing, writing the sight words alone, and using them in practice sentences or questions.

Each page includes 2 lines of tracing, 5-6 practice sentences, and graphics. We highlighted the sight words at the top to draw their attention to the target language.

65 Sights Words Included with this Bundle:

a, an, am, are, am, at, all, be, but, can, came, do, did, eat, for, go, get, good, here, has, have, he, I, in, into, it, is, like, look, my, me, must, no, new, out, on, our, pretty, play, please, ran, ride, so, said, saw, say, she, there, they, to, too, the, up, under, with, what, who, we, want, was, went, will, well, yet

**Over 325 practice sentences for your students to work on reading and writing their sight words!!**

Makes a great packet for ESL classes too!

No Answer Key Needed.

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