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Lucky Leprechauns is a fun game that can be used as a literacy center or whole group game and includes both a full color and black and white version along with three practice pages to be used as a follow up or extension of the game!

Print the word cards, Lucky cards, and gold coins (OR use actual plastic gold coins that can be found in stores around St. Patrick’s Day). Two options are available: full color and a blackline version you can print on regular or colored paper/cardstock. Laminate your cards to make them more durable and then cut them apart.

Mix all of the cards up and place in a bag, box, or other fun holiday themed container (a black pot maybe?!). Students take turns drawing out one card at a time. The student reads the card. If they read it successfully, the student takes a gold coin and the next student takes their turn. If a student reads a word incorrectly, he or she places the word card into the container. If a Lucky card is drawn, the student takes two gold coins.

Play continues until all cards are gone. The player or team with the most gold coins at the end of the game wins.

This game can be played with partners, small groups, or with the whole class in a circle. If playing with the whole class, you may want to print two sets of cards and Lucky cards.

Three follow up activities are included where students practice spelling words with a long e sound, identifying words with a long and short e sound, and writing sentences (two versions) with long e (y) words.