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This is a worksheet set that goes with the DrawmaticAR app 

DrawmaticAR is an iOS and Android app that lets you turn what you write on paper into an interactive animated 3D AR story, auto-magically drawn by AI and narrated by a classy British voice!

The AI powering DrawmaticAR recognizes over 200 common kid-friendly nouns! See to see the word groups/categories and plan out the words you want to use!

And also simple adjectives and grammatically correct sentence structures to let you instantly and easily animate your characters.

DrawmaticAR brings writing to life by turning your sentences into scenes played out by AR actors that’d do exactly what you write – no matter how silly your commands might be!

DrawmaticAR can also be used to help students learn to print – and practice their handwriting – such as writing neater cursive!

DrawmaticAR can make teaching grammar and spelling fun. You only get to be a director when you construct proper sentences and spell things right!

Visit to grab the app – and also check out worksheets and lesson plan ideas!

Also Available for volume purchasing on Apple School Manager and Google Play

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