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Making Inferences with Pictures Lesson, PowerPoint, and Activities


☆ Print and Digital

☆ Suitable for grades 6 – 8 (Lower-level Middle and High School Students, ELLs, and Special Ed students)

☆ Total 50 pages (31 pages for entire Lesson Packet and 19 PowerPoint slides)

☆ Teaching Duration – 2 days

☆ ANSWER KEYS included

☆ Absolutely NO preparation needed! Everything is included!!!

This resource includes:

—— In-depth Picture Inference Lesson Plan

—— EDITABLE Lesson Plan version (Modify as you wish -YAY!)

—— POWERPOINT (19 slides and very fun and graphic!)

—— Guided Practice Inference Worksheet #1 and ANSWER KEY

—— Guided Practice Inference Worksheet #2 and ANSWER KEY

—— Pair Practice Inference Worksheet and ANSWER KEY

—— Groupwork Inference Worksheet and ANSWER KEY

—— Assessment Inference Worksheet and ANSWER KEY

—— 2 Reflection Sheets on Inference Lesson and Groupwork

—— THREE Inference Posters (8.5×11 PDF)

—— 2 Inference Bookmarks

—— 2 Google Slides Links


☆ Lesson Worksheets

☆ PowerPoint

▶️ The PowerPoint cannot be edited due to copyright requirements made by contributing font and clipart artists.


This resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It’s super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.



▶️ This is an AMAZING HUGE in-depth Picture Inference Lesson PACKET (Editable Lesson Plan only – not Worksheets) that includes at least eight activities where students can practice the skill of social inferencing using pictures that are relevant to this day in age. There are a total of 10 pictures that students will use to make inferences. Students have multiple opportunities to observe a social situation and combine picture clues and their background knowledge to figure out what is happening. Students can make inferences about how the people in the pictures are feeling, what they are doing, what they may be thinking, and what situation they may be in.

▶️  This lesson plan will help students learn how to read, interpret, and think about social situations. ALL pictures are age appropriate as you will not hesitate to use any picture during the learning process. After engaging in multiple inferencing activities, students will have the opportunity to reflect on their understanding of the lesson as well as their participation during the learning process. They can use the provided Reflection Sheets of your choice or their choice!

▶️ ANSWER KEYS/Suggested Responses are included!

▶️ This lesson packet also includes a 19 slide PowerPoint. The PowerPoint covers all aspects of the lesson plan from start to finish!

▶️ This is especially excellent for ELL students, Special Ed students, students with Autism, etc.


✅ The PowerPoint AND Lesson Worksheets are included in GOOGLE SLIDES!!!! That means you have the freedom to share these slides with your students! You will have access to a regular PowerPoint and a Digital PowerPoint. You will also have access to PDF and digital versions of the Lesson Worksheets.

✅ The PowerPoint cannot be edited due to copyright requirements made by contributing font and clip art artists.


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