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This Percussion Instruments Word Search is Hard. 

Percussion instruments and terminology words are hidden across, down, backwards, and diagonally…in all directions.

Words include: bells, clave, gong, piano, spoons, sticks, tabla, toms, bongos, chimes, congas, cowbell, cymbals, djembe, shaker, thavil, beaters, mallets, maracas, marimba, timbales, triangle, steelpan, castanets, glockenspiel, kettledrums, bass drum, snare drum, vibraphone, woodblock, idiophones, membranophones, percussion, instrument, pitched, unpitched, mridangam, tambourine and xylophone.


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▶️▶️Great for Grades 5 to Adult!▶️▶️

This Word Search is also included in Word Search Bundle.