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Item description

Phonics Scoot Digraphs is a game that will get your students up and moving around while practicing their handwriting at the same time! Can also be used as Task Cards or a Write the Room Center! Digraphs may appear at the beginning or ending of the word.

Ways to Use This Resource

1. Scoot Game:

  • Whole class game – directions included
  • 30 Cards (large size and mini size)
  • Multiple Recording Sheets Included
  • Gets students moving while learning!

2. Write the Room Center/Station:

  • 30 Cards
  • Multiple recording sheets: Write the words (with handwriting lines), Write the words (with pictures and handwriting lines), Write the words (with pictures and without handwriting lines), Draw picture, Write a sentence
  • Use in a center/station
  • Use large or mini sized cards
  • Gets students moving while learning and practicing!

3. Task Card Center/Station:

  • 30 Cards, Recording Sheet
  • Use in a center/station
  • Use larger sized cards to store in container/basket

Scoot/Write the Room is more fun than a worksheet and gives students the chance to move around! It is my hope your class enjoys it too! I also use these very successfully in a homeschool environment!

This Phonics Scoot Beginning Digraphs resource includes words with beginning digraphs: ch, sh, kn, ph, th, wh, wr and ending digraphs: ch, ck, ng, sh, th.