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Learning about Simple Machines with a “Rube Goldberg” construction project gives students an opportunity to research information and then apply that knowledge to a hands-on project they design and build with their team.

First, students complete a short WebQuest / Internet Scavenger Hunt to learn (or reinforce) the basics of simple machines. Then, with their team, they design and build a project that utilizes that knowledge from recycled materials. The project was created for grades 7-8 but could easily be adapted for upper elementary students as well.

This lesson includes:

1. Teacher Notes and Resources

2. Simple Machines WebQuest Intro Activity (includes answer key)

3. Student Expectations & Rubric for building project

4. Materials and supplies list for project

This is a fun STEM project, that reinforces the concepts of Simple Machines and encourages students to create a fun, working design.