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Small, Medium and Big Problems Sizes, Reactions and Solutions Counseling Lesson

This lesson encourages students to differentiate between small, medium and big problems as well as exploring potential reaction sizes. This resource is reflective in nature allowing for open discussion and reflections to encourage students to brainstorm and generate solutions and ideas for various problems.

This is a fun, engaging and creative counselling lesson which is great for a variety of individual, group and whole class activities to support learning. This mini-lesson helps to develop social emotional skills, in particular learn to problem solve and strengthen social skills.


Different sizes of problems (small, medium, big)

– Criteria of different sized problems

– Examples of problems

– Draw your own problems (worksheet)

Learning about reaction sizes

– Under-reaction, typical and over-reactions

– Exploring problems with different reaction sizes

– How different sized problems might make you feel?

Small, Medium and Big Problem Posters

Activities and Worksheets

Activity 1 – Sorting Problem Scenarios into sizes (small group or whole class activity)

Activity 2 – Exploring reactions worksheet (under, typical and over reactions)

Activity 3 – Problems and Solutions 2-piece visual puzzles

Activity 4 – Matching Problems to solutions worksheets including Problem Solving Options Poster and creating your own solutions poster (including problem solving ideas poster)

Activity 5 – Colour in the size of the problem

Activity 6 – Brainstorming Reaction Sizes worksheet

Activity 7 – Find-a-word