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Something we all love? A freebie!

Here’s a set of simple numbers puzzles with a heart or Valentine’s focus. Or, you can also print these as-is and use them as themed flashcards for learning numbers 0-9.

This set is a small sample from a much larger free set we have elsewhere.

Our Learning and Motor-Skills Goals with these are:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 0-9)
  • Numbers recognition (words zero-nine)
  • Number recognition as dice
  • Five-groupings
  • Gross-motor skills practice with large puzzles
  • Simple puzzle shape recognition
  • Fine-motor skills practice with cut puzzle pieces
  • (Optional) Cutting practice
  • (Optional) Coloring practice

Ways to Use

If you have very young kids, the pieces of the puzzles can be used as whole-groupings. If you have older or more advanced students, you can break the puzzles into two pieces in order to focus on matching numbers words (e.g., one, two, etc.) with their numerals and dice. For even more practice, try breaking the puzzles into threes and really mixing them up.

Note that we used the “five dice” instead of the “six” in order to not deviate from the five and ten-frame practice that most kids do in schools, homeschool curriculum, and so on.

Spanish Version

You can find a free Spanish version of the same set here.

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En Español

Súper sencillos pero todavía educativos. Gratis para descargar y perfectos para el Día del Amor (Día de los Enamorados / Día de San Valentín) o para Días de Amistad. Usa los rompecabezas como tarjetas completas para practicar números básicos, en dos piezas para practicar números con numerales o en tres piezas para practicar todo o para una carrera con sus estudiantes.

También hay una versión en español aquí.

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Huge thank you to Diller’s Doodles for the AMAZING art-fonts and to Creative Clips for always bringing happy to visuals.


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