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Are you preparing your kids for their first reconciliation? This pack has the steps to confession in repetition so that the kids can enter the confessional prepared, ready, and excited! This can be used to help teach a lesson or review the steps to confession.


This pack includes:

o 1 Pamphlet – Fold into 4ths to take into the confessional. It contains the steps to confession, Examination of Conscience, Act of Contrition, and prayers for penance (Glory Be, Hail Mary, and Our Father).

o 3 Puzzles – Unscramble, Decode, and Word Search

o 6 Worksheets – 3 Sequence (sequence strips, number sequence, and cut & paste number sequence), Matching (statement or action to the response statement or action), and Fill-in-the-Blank

o Answer Keys for all puzzles and worksheets


❂ This was made for a fellow Catechist to use in her religious education class. Please look at the words to make sure that they will suit your needs. Contact me if you need any changes! ❂


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