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If I had to venture a guess, then I bet a lot of your students need to work on fluency with subtraction problems. This fun subtraction task card game will help you get your students there! You can use these cards repeatedly, and your students will have fun playing tic tac toe while practicing!

This Product Includes:

✓ Tic tac toe board

✓ Task cards (color and b/w)

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ Laminate the cards for easy write-and-wipe for repeated use

✓ Partner activities

✓ Centers

How You Can Play This Game:

✓ Students draw cards and solve the subtraction problems.

✓ If they get their problem correct, they get to place an x or o in the box.

✓ When students win a tic tac toe board, they keep the card.

✓ The student who has the most tic tac toe boards/cards at the end of the game wins!