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A Book Study Companion for THE LAST BEAR by Hannah Gold

With comprehension questions and activities for each chapter, students will cover many of the Grades 4, 5 and 6 ELA Common Core State Standards in context.

The Unit can be followed chapter by chapter, with no extra preparation or planning required by the teacher. The responses in the unit have been planned and arranged so that your students will practise a wide range of comprehension strategies in context. It has been designed to promote thinking and comprehension. Tasks can be completed independently, collaboratively or alongside a teacher. The unit has been planned so that over the course of the book, students will become familiar with and well-practised in using comprehension strategies to make meaning from text.

Activities include:

  • Comprehension questions for each chapter
  • Inference
  • Sequencing – Cause and Effect
  • Summarizing – Main idea – Main events
  • Vocabulary
  • Visualising
  • Making connections – Prior Knowledge – Prediction
  • Questioning
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Analysis – Synthesising
  • Character description – Character emotions
  • Character relationships – Character challenges
  • Point of view
  • Setting – Plot – Theme – Story elements
  • Written responses
  • Mentor text activities
  • Creative response
  • Critical thinking – PMI and partner discussion prompts

All activities have been designed with student engagement at the forefront. In responding to the book, students will be required to think both within and beyond the text. Children learn best when they are having fun! Even better that they are learning the love of books at the same time!