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A Literacy Book Companion Unit with Comprehension & Fun Activities, based on the book Turk & Runt a Thanksgiving Comedy , by Lisa Wheeler & Frank Ansley. (Book not included)
Reading Level 2.8.

This 44-page packet provides a variety of levels to reach each individual student. Please see preview pages and descriptions below . Worksheets include lined paper for easy handwriting practice:

44 Pages Total Include:
* 10 Comprehension short-answer questions 
* 10 Multiple Choice Questions 
* answer sheet (corresponds with both sets)
* Story Elements : Who, What, When, Where, Main Idea, Problem Solving
* Vocabulary : 10 words from the book with match-up definitions
* Vocabulary Answer Sheet

* Vocabulary Words in Use –insert the correct word in each sentence using the Vocabulary Word Box
Vocabulary Words in Use Answer Sheet
* Reflection : Connection, Text-to-Self, Steps You Would Give if you were a turkey trying to prevent yourself from becoming dinner.
Read & Respond : Main Idea, Supporting Details, Author’s Purpose, My New Vocabulary
* 20-Word Search page
* 10 Word Scramble page
* Spelling Words : 10 words plus 1 Bonus, from the book, on lined paper
* Spelling Test : blank, lined paper
* Story Map: Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution
* Step By Step : First, Next, Then, Last
* Title Page: Author, Illustrator, add your own illustration 
* Design & Detail illustrating page : Design your own disguise below, if you were trying to hide out in a field, as the turkeys did when they became snowmen. Describe your disguise.
* Opinion Journal: What did you think? What would you change?
* Sequencing : 12 written scenes from the story to place in order
* Sequencing answers
* Sequencing : Blank paste sheet
* Cause & Effect  : Fill in the Cause & Effect blanks
* ABC Order : 20 words from the book
* * * ABC Order Answer Sheet
Syllables : Divide the 20 words into syllables

* * * Syllables : Answer Sheet
* Book Report : Who is the author? Fiction or Non Fiction? Characters? Favorite part? Rate this book! 
* Rhyme Time :15 words from the book, to match up to 15 rhyming words

* Writing Prompt : with shaped lined paper : My Thanksgiving Comedy

* Contractions : 9 contractions to combine, or separate

* Follow the instructions : coloring, addition/subtraction using photos

· Follow the instructions : counting pictures , left/right

* Acrostic Poem : THANKFUL
* Compare & Contrast Venn Diagram: Turk Vs Runt
* Math : 12 simple addition problems
* * * Math : answer sheet
* Math : 12 simple multiplication problems
* * * Math : answer sheet
Label a Turkey : ten labels with fill-in-the-blank & word box included.
* Assemble a Turkey : Color, cut apart and glue together your own turkey!