Item description

The turkey is hiding and you have to find him! These Turkey Hunt Preschool Mats cover numbers 0-10, uppercase letters, colors, shapes, and matching.

You can hide the cards in a sensory bin, around the learning area, or just flip them over.

Once the cards are found, the child will color, cover, or build on the mat.

Some fun and creative ways to use the mats –

Number Mats –

Build the number with cube blocks

Playdough and toothpick or dowel and add cheerios

Playdough and add feathers

Cover with the number (magnet, stickers, foam, etc.)

Letter Mats –

Cover with the letter (magnet, stickers, foam, etc.)

Cover with a toy or object that begins with the letter sound

Cover with the matching lowercase letter (magnet, stickers, foam, etc.)

Make the letter with playdough

Color Mats –

Cover with the same color pom-pom or other manipulative

Cover with the same color playdough

Shape Mats –

Cover with the same shape

Cover with a pom-pom

Make the shape with playdough