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These activities are absolutely AMAZEING For wintertime

and has it all and requires NO PREP!

resources in this packet are designed to meet Common Core Standards
for Kindergarten while making learning fun, hands-on and interactive!

This packet includes the following printables:

  • Number Words (Count snowflakes and write the correct number word)
  • Sight Word Mittens (look, come, play, help, said)
  • Skip Counting Mittens by 5′
  • Winter Math (Count two sets of objects, record and write the sum)
  • Which is Heavier (Color the picture that is heavier)
  • Colorful hats (color word practice)
  • Winter Subtraction up to 10 with built in manipulatives
  • Color, Count and Graph (Count the items. Graph how many counted)
  • Winter Patterns (Identify the correct pattern and make your own pattern)
  • Winter Patterns ( Cut and paste to complete the pattern in each row)
  • Counting Penguins by 2’s
  • Ten Frames (Complete the Ten Frame to make ten)
  • Mitten (Ten Frames ( up to 20 )
  • Winter ten Frames (Color the tenframes to match each tree.
  • Snowman Symmetry (Draw a line to divide the shape into two equal parts that match)
  • Snow Many Ways to Make 10! (Decomposing numbers)
  • Larger Numbers (Comparing numbers)
  • Colorful mittens (color word practice)
  • Snowman Pairs (Find and color the Snowman with the same word family)
  • Penguin match (Find and color the Penguin with the same word family)
  • Winter Word Families (Cut and paste the correct hats -ig and -it word families)
  • Winter Word Families (Cut and paste the correct cap -in and -en word families)
  • I Know my Number Words (Roll and trace numbers words 1-6)
  • I know Sight Words (Roll and trace a sight word: and, big, can, for, run, see)
  • Roll a Word Family II (Roll and trace a word family: -ap, -in, -am, -id, -ig, -un)
  • Build a Gingerbread Word (Write the CVC word on the gingerbread)
  • I Can Write About Snowman Journal Prompt
  • I Can Write About Gingerbread Journal Prompt