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Know Your World Quiz – Human Features Set 2 is a set of fun, general knowledge task cards.

Questions are based on 25 famous human features in our wondrous world. The 5 categories are arranged by continents:

  • South America and Oceania
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • North America

The human features (otherwise known as famous places or man-made landmarks) included in Set 2:

Hobbiton (New Zealand), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Port Arthur Historic Site (Australia), Easter Island Moai Statues (Chile), San Ignacio Miní (Argentina), The Colosseum (Italy), Vasco Da Gama Bridge (Portugal), The Louvre (France), Charles Bridge (Czech Republic), Big Ben (England), Leptis Magna (Libya), The Union Buildings (South Africa), Great Mosque of Djenne (Mali), The Great Sphinx of Giza (Egypt), Meroë (Sudan), Red Square (Russia), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), The Shwedagon Pagoda (Myanmar), The Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates), Borobudur (Indonesia), The Gateway Arch (United States), The Angel of Independence (Mexico), Château Frontenac (Canada), Teotihuacan (Mexico), Times Square (United States)

This resource contains:

  • 25 Multiple Choice Task Cards and 1 Title Card
  • Student Sheet
  • Answer Key
  • PDF and PNG Files


  • Print, laminate and cut the individual cards (p. 2-8)

This resource can be delivered a few different ways:

  • As a research activity
  • Print out just the questions for the students (p. 9-10).
  • Students progressively research their answers on the internet (some questions require creative and skilful research skills!) Teachers may wish to have students work in pairs to research their answers. It is helpful if a time limit for research is imposed to ensure students stay on task. To make it challenging, I make it only about 30 or 45 minutes, so students need to be strategic with the questions they research.
  • The task cards can then be spread around the room and students are given the answer template to write their answers.
  • From experience, this is a much better learning experience. There appears to be so much more student satisfaction when students actually know an answer that they have found during their research as opposed to giving it their best guess.
  • Even without assigning the research questions first, the task cards by themselves have still proved be a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging activity.
  • At the end, students can check their answers with the answer key and add up their totals.
  • The quiz could also be used as an ice-breaker for a new group of students, as a staff team-building activity or end-of-year gathering.
  • Teachers can of course adapt the quiz and the rules to better suit their classroom environment.