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Students will love this engaging World War I hexagonal thinking activity!

What is Hexagonal Thinking? Hexagonal Thinking is a visual tool to help students make connections and organize ideas on a topic. This World War I hexagonal thinking activity is a fantastic review activity or it would work great as a lesson or assessment! (I’ve also used hexagonal thinking activities as a bell-ringer! I give my students three minutes to make as many connections as they can in the allotted time and then as a class, we spend a minute or two sharing our connections. It is a lot of fun and a great review of the previous lesson!)

This activity is great for building collaborative skills, strengthening and deepening understanding of content, and utilizing different learning styles! Students will be engaged and having fun!

In this activity, students work in groups to sort and connect hexagonal cards containing vocabulary, dates, names, and events related to World War I (with a focus on U.S. involvement in the war). 120 vocabulary & date cards, 24 image cards, and historical thinking hexagonal cards are included! I also included one sheet of blank cards (allowing teachers and students to personalize the cards with additional vocabulary as needed).

This resource also includes a teacher tip/suggested use page and samples.

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