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christmas-reading A 99 slide PowerPoint lesson that encourages students to read Christmas-theme words and sentences. Students are encouraged to say the sounds and blend them to read the word accurately. This also includes spelling and writing tasks. Look at the picture and write the word. Click the mouse (or space bar) and the word appears. Finally, look at the picture and generate your own sentence. Alternatively, the teacher can say a sentence (just like phonic dictation) and the students can write it.

christmas-reading includes;

  • 99 slides (includes cover pages
  • reading at a word level (digraphs, trigraphs, quadgraphs and dipthongs are underlined)
  • you may wish to ask students to read one syllable part at a time

          reading at a sentence level

  • The reading component includes a picture when you press a button to see if the word has been read accurately
  • this activity is great for students who have vocabulary difficulties and do not relate the word to the picture!
  • for the spelling tasks, students look at the picture (say the sounds in their head) and write the word. When you press a key on your keyboard, a word will appear
  • for writing a sentence – look at the picture and students can write a sentence on their whiteboards or in their writing books
  • alternatively, just do it as a dictation activity
  • you can use this lesson daily over a two or three week period leading up to Christmas as a great warm-up lesson

I hope you find this useful just as I have done so in my own class!