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Conjugate Devoir – Present Tense French Conjugation Board Game

This French board game for conjugating devoir in the present tense includes 37 numbered boxes. The first player to reach box 37 wins. There are a few tricks along the way, so getting to the end isn’t always so easy! Some boxes require students to conjugate the verb using the provided subject pronoun, and others require them to name the subject pronoun that matches the verb conjugation. Lots of repetition will really help them to memorize this very important verb!  This and many other verb conjugation games are 50% off in my growing bundle.

In groups of two to four, players take turns rolling a die to move their pieces forward. Spaces are numbered to keep track of which way they’re moving. There are some spaces with special instructions:

  • Départ – Start
  • Avance de 5 cases – Move forward 5 spaces
  • Recule de 5 cases – Move backward 5 spaces
  • Rejoue – Play again
  • Tu perds ton tour – Lose a turn
  • Fin – End

For an extra challenge and to extend playing time, you can tell your students that they have to land directly on the last square and answer it correctly to win.


This resource includes the following:

➯ 1 page printable game board

Not included:

➯ 1 die per group

➯ Game tokens, 1 per player