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Evaluate general reading comprehension with this bundle of quizzes covering the entirety of Feed by M.T. Anderson, a dystopian science fiction novel. For each section of the text, a multiple choice quiz and answer key are provided. Additionally, short answer options are included for re-assessment opportunities. Materials are delivered in both Word Document and PDF formats. A breakdown of content follows.

Chapters 1 through 16 Quiz. Questions pertain to details from the sections titled “Your Face is Not an Organ” through “Dead Language”:

  • Setting
  • The hacking of characters
  • The purpose for the visit to the moon
  • Disturbing fashion trends
  • Titus’s experience in the hospital
  • Titus’s emotional reaction to a painting
  • Protests
  • The most appealing aspects of the feed
  • Titus’s family background
  • The significance of metaphor
  • Violet’s family background

Chapters 17 through 29 Quiz. Questions pertain to details from the sections titled “Release” through “A Day in the Country”:

  • Violet’s excitement
  • Unique terminology for deliberately causing one’s feed to malfunction
  • The condition of Violet’s feedware
  • Titus’s dreams
  • Violet’s beliefs about corporate influence on society
  • Violet’s behavior at the mall
  • Characteristics associated with Schoolâ„¢
  • Violet’s classification of America’s system of government
  • How Titus’s parents try to cheer him up
  • The fate of the hacker from earlier in the novel
  • The reason Violet’s father speaks the way he does
  • Violet’s unsettling question

Chapters 30 through 37 Quiz. Questions pertain to details from the sections titled “Nudging Again” through “Our Duty to the Party”:

  • The imagery concerning Titus’s nightmare
  • The Coca Cola promotion
  • The girls’ poor treatment of Violet
  • Titus’s accusation against Violet
  • A malfunctioning feed
  • A visit to the sea
  • Quendy’s conflict with Calista
  • Artificial lesions
  • Link’s background
  • A dramatic incident involving Violet
  • The feed’s chilling suggestions to Titus

Chapters 38 through 58 Quiz. Questions pertain to details from the sections titled “52.9%” through “4.6%”:

  • Violet’s feed efficiency
  • The effects of Violet’s seizure
  • Violet’s mom’s background
  • Violet’s list
  • Titus’s reaction to Violet’s list
  • Tragic developments in Central America
  • The message from FeedTech
  • Violet’s memories
  • Violet’s plan “to really live”
  • Titus’s disturbing mental images
  • Violet’s sentimental ambitions
  • America’s culture of consumption
  • The story of Titus and Violet