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Item description

Teach your students to use and understand hidden feelings / meanings disguised behind nonverbal communication / cues

This Dice Decider dice game focuses on facial expressions, tone of voice, and intonation.

This dice game is helpful for students who have difficulty picking up on nonverbal communication or cues, such as body languagefacial expressionstone of voice, and intonation.

Students will strengthen their social inferencing skills. They will gain practice listening to tone of voice / intonation and observing facial expressions to detect and infer what a person is REALLY feeling and thinking.

Students will also learn to effectively use nonverbal communication / cues to change the meaning behind their own words.

What’s Included?

– 1 mini lesson about tone of voice and intonation

– 1 facial expressions visual aid

– 4 different games to provide a ton of practice both receptively and expressively! (One of the activities alone provides 108 unique practice trials!)

– Feelings included: confused, upset, angry, excited, nervous, annoyed, calm, bored, amused

– BW Version

Enjoy and thank you for your interest!