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Geometry Basics Stations Activity is a fun way to review the basics learned in the first unit of high school geometry. Get students moving around the classroom reviewing the following topics:


– Points, Lines, and Planes

– Intersections of Lines and Planes

– Angle Pairs (adjacent, linear pairs, vertical angles, complementary angles)

– Segment Addition Postulate

– Angle Addition Postulate

– Classifying Polygons


This file contains 8 station cards, 1 student answer sheet, 1 follow-up review worksheet, and answer keys for all.



Print out station cards and post them around the room. Give each student an answer sheet to record their work and their answers. Break students into groups and assign them a station to start. Then have students rotate through the stations. You can set a timer for a designated amount of time at each station (I recommend 4-5 minutes).