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The days leading up to Halloween can feel crazy in the classroom! This set of themed activities will help keep you students engage in academic tasks while still having a little holiday fun. These are appropriate for primary grades.




Monster Math Mash-Up

Full-color math game. Players take turns rolling dice, adding or subtraction, and covering numbers on the game board. Includes game board and instructions.

Candy Corn Measurement

Students use candy corn as non-standard units of measurement to measure Halloween items. Students then record the length and width of items on the recording sheet. Includes 16 full-color measuring cards, student instructions, and recording sheet.


Halloween Syllable Sort

Students sort Halloween word cards according to the number of syllables. Includes sorting mat, 16 Halloween picture/word cards, and recording sheet.


Halloween Word Sorts

Sort Halloween words by long and short vowel sound. One requires students to cut out the words and paste in the correct column. On the other, students write the words in the correct space.


Picture Patterns

Students will identify repeating Halloween patterns, extend them using the picture tiles, and match them to the letter pattern cards. Includes 8 picture pattern cards, 12 picture tiles for extending the patterns, 5 letter pattern cards, and student instructions.


Word Search

Simple word search using Halloween vocabulary words.


ABC Order

Cut out the Halloween related words and paste in alphabetical order.


Spooky Subtraction Worksheet

Students complete subtraction problems to solve the spider riddle.


Candy Corn Combinations

Students color candy corn shapes to see how many different combinations can be made with just 3 colors.