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Are you ready to dive into a unit all about matter? I’ve got you covered with this completely fleshed out unit plan! Teach your class about all of the different vocabulary and concepts related to these topics–and be amazed by how much they’ll learn!

This Unit Includes:

  • What is matter and properties of matter
  • States of matter (solids liquids gases)
  • Physical properties of matter
  • Changes in matter
  • Physical changes
  • Chemical changes
  • Mixtures and solutions
  • Changes in states of matter
  • Chemical reactions

With This Unit You’ll Get:

✓ Engaging, hands-on science labs and experiments

✓ Activities that encourage higher order thinking

✓ Practice sheets and review printables

✓ Learning stations and science centers

✓ High quality, day-by-day lesson plans (10 days)

✓ Vocabulary activities to increase achievement

✓ Foldables and interactive notebook pieces

✓ Answer keys

.… and so much more!

How You Can Use This Unit:

  ✓ Day-by-day lessons – as written

  ✓ As a supplement to an already existing program

  ✓ Science centers

  ✓ Teacher demonstrations

  ✓ Whole group, small group, or partner work

  ✓ Enrichment or independent contract activities

  ✓ Weekly science labs