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This is a complete 12 day unit that covers place value from ones to hundred thousands place including using visual models, composing and decomposing numbers using expanded form, writing numbers in word form, reading large numbers, using a place value chart, comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, and ten thousand. This unit covers the 3rd grade CCSS and extends to cover the larger places required in the 3rd grade TEKS.

This 12 day unit is designed for high engagement and an interactive classroom. Whether you enjoy breaking your class up into smaller groups to utilize guided math and math centers or you prefer to keep them together for large group instruction, you will have everything you need included in this unit. Add a few dice and a couple packs of dollar store playing cards to watch math come alive.

Each lesson design includes:

*a mini-lesson to model the concept

*a cooperative learning activity to allow students to practice the concept

*an interactive notebook entry

*a math game

*a paper assignment for practice, homework or assessment

*answer keys