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It is always a treat to catch our students doing something good; these ready-to-use Please B.U.G. Me tickets make it so much fun for you and your students. B.U.G. stands for Being Unusually Good; when students make good choices, they earn a ticket. They can cash in the tickets for a treat that you negotiate. For example, they can earn things like a night of no homework/4 BUGs, extra technology time/3 BUGs, or extra time at the media center/3 BUGS…you get the idea.

I always run off a bunch and give a few to the music teacher, the art teacher, the PE teacher, computer lab teacher, and even the folks on duty in the cafeteria, bus lines, etc. It is an easy incentive that you, the students, and their parents will enjoy.

Happy Teaching!


What is included in this packet?

  • Cover page
  • Bug coupons
  • “Proud teacher” note
  • Premade rewards
  • Blank rewards for you to fill in
  • Credit page 
  • Terms of Use


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