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Looking for something exciting for a project based learning unit?
This resource focuses on the study of frogs. This is a lesson plan that
will guide you through the process of using biomimicry and steam
activities to inspire students to ask questions, study frogs and use
creative thinking to explore ideas.

These activities are fun and engaging. And great brain workout!

Use tadpoles, tree frogs or big toads as inspiration for design or problem-solving.

1. Why Teach Biomimicry

2. Getting Started Guide

3.How to Observe and Collect Information about frogs

4. Describe a frog

5. Frog poem.

6. Things I Love about frogs

7. Things I Love about toads

8. Frog shape poem

9. Foam nesting frogs – eggs

10.Tadpoles with sucker lips

11. Make a drawing of interesting body part

12. Tree frogs with sticky pads

13. Frogs good swimmers- frog robo

14. “Flying” frogs

15. Imagination challenge – shape shifting frogs

16. What if you could measure a crooked line?

17. Use “random” word as inspiration

18 .Word frog

19. Design word challenge

20. Design challenge hard and soft things

21. Frog vs Insect

22.Jump like a frog

23. Colorful frogs

24. Discover a new frog or toad

25. How to make a loud sound

26. Tiny frogs

27. Planning story writing – tiny frogs

28. Story writing – tiny frogs

29. Observation cards

30. How to use biomimicry in the classroom – inspiration and ideas

31. Links to videos and information

32. Two posters

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