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This workbook allows you to reflect and gain insight into who you are – Discovering and clarifying your values, identity and sense of belonging. We say “discover” or “clarify” because our values are already a part of us. We just need to dig a little and find them. Knowing and living your values is essentially a map on how to be more authentic (or more yourself).

Your personal values are like a roadmap to live your life by. The destination is your authentic expression. They will provide you with clarity and vision, as well as confidence to stay the distance. Knowing your values means that you can easily get back on track even if you stray off the path.


Everyone has personal values. By acknowledging and living your values you bring an awareness and rhythm to your life, a sense of inner peace and understanding. Aligning yourself with your values can also help you to live an authentic life.


By exploring and narrowing down your personal values through this workbook you are clarifying what is important to you and show a commitment to making those values a priority.


This mini-lesson explores the following:

-Personal Values are important – why?

-I know who I am (worksheet)

-What are values?

-Living an intentional life (core values list)

-Questions about your core values (reflective questions)

-What are your Core Values (worksheet)

-Your Personal Values in Action (worksheet)

-What shapes our values?

-Experiences shape values

-Generational Impacts interview activity (3-part activity)

-Your values Question Summary

-Living Intentionally – Setting Goals

-Creating your personal values statement (craft)

-Inspirational Quote Poster