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Easily add hands-on sun and solar energy science experiments and STEM projects to your curriculum or summer program. Perfect for keeping students engaged and interested in learning during the end of the school year or the summer months.

This resource includes:

  • 10 engaging sun science experiments with coordinating recording pages

  • step by step directions with photos

  • Links to digital Seesaw activities for easy tech integration (new!)

  • JPEG files of the recording pages for use in Pic Collage (instructions included)

The step by step directions with photos make for easy preparation and set-up.

Links to pre-made Seesaw activities for each of the recording pages have been added. Simply click and add to your Seesaw library for super-simple technology integration.

Also includes step by step directions with photos on how to use the free app Pic Collage (Pic EDU) for easy technology integration & paperless options. This teaches students how to use technology as a tool to record their results, make predictions, etc.

Includes the following sun science experiments (**Please note that additional materials are required and the experiments need to be done outdoors. This resource includes instructions and recording pages only. **):

Sun versus Shade Experiment – This is a simple experiment that demonstrates the sun’s heat as well as the difference between sun and shade. It helps young children understand that the sun radiates heat and can makes things hot.

What Absorbs More Heat? Experiment – This experiment answers the question – “What absorbs more heat, black or white?”

Dry Up Experiment – This experiment helps students understand that the sun dries up water and introduces evaporation.

Solar Oven Experiment – This experiment demonstrates solar energy and shows students how to trap the sun’s natural heat to make an oven.

Sun Prints Experiment – This experiment demonstrates that the light from the sun can cause chemical changes.

Why Do We Need Sunscreen? Experiment – This experiment helps students understand the importance of wearing sunscreen when outdoors.

Light Box Experiment – This experiment demonstrates and introduces refraction of sunlight.

Making Shadows Experiment – This experiment helps children understand what is needed to make a shadow and that the sun acts as a light source for shadows.

Sundial Experiments – Paper Plate Sundial & Human Sundial – In both experiments students make their own sundials and learn about how sundials work, how the position of the sun affects shadows, and why the sun appears to move across the sky.