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Item description

This cathartic intervention has been designed to support teenagers and adults to create their own “Therapeutic Doll” or “Healing Doll” which helps provide insight and a connection to their core sense of self. Individuals are then asked to reflect on the process by examining the questions provided.

Therapeutic doll making is a sensorimotor therapeutic approach which helps support individuals who have experienced trauma such as sexual abuse, physical assault, domestic violence as well as explore interpersonal relationships.

This resource includes a list of questions for the individual to reflect on post activity as well as a diary entry page for them to record their thoughts.


Each student will require one blank calico doll. These can be purchased at craft stores. Additionally, there should be a wide range of craft materials to ensure that the students have a range of options to use when creating their therapeutic doll.

Individuals may also even want to bring in some personal items that they want to use to decorate their doll. Should you not be able to obtain blank calico dolls then a one page body outline is included in this resource so that students can decorate these instead. This is not ideal and not the intended purpose of this intervention and should be used as a last resort only.