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This Valentine’s Day writing prompts resource includes 15 themed prompts to get students thinking and writing about Valentine’s Day and the associated experiences and activities. There are 5 writing prompts for each of the following categories: opinion writing, informative/explanatory writing, and narrative writing.

We have also included mini versions of each writing prompt that can easily be pasted into an interactive notebook or writing journal and completed therein. Additionally, there is a cover page that can be colored by the students and stapled to their completed writing prompts.


Journal Writing Prompts in this Resource:

Opinion Writing Prompts

  • Why are sweet treats given on Valentine’s Day? Who in your life deserves a sweet?
  • What is your favorite treat to receive on Valentine’s Day? Who gives it to you?
  • Have your feelings ever been hurt by a special friend? What does the phrase, “a broken heart”, mean to you?
  • Do you give cards on Valentine’s Day? How do you decide on the design and who will receive them?
  • Why do you think people sometimes use the phrase “puppy love” to describe a relationship?

Informative/Explanatory Writing Prompts

  • Have you done something for another that was especially sweet? Explain what that was.
  • Who do you love? Tell about a special person in your life and why that person is so special.
  • Do you have a special toy that comforts you? Tell about your toy.
  • What does it mean to be “lovesick”? Have you known anyone who was? How did they act?
  • Is there an activity that you absolutely love? Explain why it is special to you.

Narrative Writing Prompts

  • Tell about an animal that you love. Why do you feel this way about the animal?
  • Do you enjoy your time spent with your elders? Tell about spending time with older people such as your grandparents.
  • There are many ways to express love. Tell how love is shown in your family.
  • Tell about a special friend. What do you like about him or her? How does he or she show friendship to you?
  • What do you love about the school day? Write to tell of your favorite time or activity.