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Get HELP Writing Words & Sentences for Emails & Letters!

3 Activities Include:
(1) Words that Work for Emails & Letters | Reference Guide & Worksheets

Resource provides instant words that are letter and email appropriate for a variety of situational uses.

Letter Writing Learning Objectives:

  • Discern appropriate word uses in letter composition
  • Understand types of correspondences
  • Integrate the purposeful intent of words
  • Examine word functions in letter structure
  • Learn what words work best and where!

Practical Reference Guide Applications:

  • Apply and practice writing words/phrases with worksheet prompts
  • Use word lists for future letter and email correspondences
  • Easy word list look up! Use as a Reference Guide!

(2) Write Letters & Emails to Get Results : Templates – Word Lists – Writing Prompts

Write ALL types of emails and letters—and especially for those challenging issues that need CLARITY TO GET RESULTS!

This Guide Provides:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • How to write and use drafts
  • Examples of formatting letters
  • Templates, outlines and guidelines
  • Lots of word lists and writing prompts
  • Tips and suggestions for professional emails

Who Needs this Resource?

  • Teachers Addressing Peers or Parents
  • Workplace Situations & Issues
  • Students Needing a Template
  • Everyone Who Writes Emails!
  • Strategies & What to Say When and Where!

written in outline format for quick comprehension and easy
reading. Don’t get personal — go professional. Let this guidebook show
you how!

(3) Write Build Create Sentences: Word Wall Desktop Activity * Printable Templates
Create Sentences EASY! Use a WORD WALL on the STUDENT’S DESKTOP!

Objective Learning Goals:

  • Apply conjoining words
  • Build sentence structure
  • Develop clarity in writing skills
  • Foster critical thinking via visual aids
  • Create effective sentence composition
  • Discern adjectives, adverbs, nouns & verbs

Learn Creative Writing Skills by Playing with Words!

  • Teacher or self guided, with examples.
  • Printable templates. Filled out and blank.
  • Step-by-step lesson with word cut outs.


  • Complete Instructions with Practice Pages.
  • Lots of Templates, Ideas and How-to-Tips.
  • Fun & Easy- It’s a Self-Taught Play-book!

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