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Persuade? Inform? Entertain? This resource helps students learn to evaluate text to determine the author’s purpose.


  • 24 task cards
  • Recording sheet
  • Worksheet/Assessment
  • Answer keys


On each card, students read a short paragraph and determine the author’s reason for writing. What makes these unique is that there are three cards on the same topic but the author’s purpose is different.

For example, one card has an entertaining story about a train; another card gives information about trains; while a third card persuades readers to use trains as a form of travel. This allows students to compare the three forms of writing and really focus on how the author’s purpose differs.

❤️ “These were great! I loved how it had 3 different purposes for one topic. It really had my students thinking. Also, I liked how the passages were short. This let my students have a lot of practice and stay focused in their reading.” – Amanda


The second activity in this resource is a cut-and-glue worksheet. It includes six short paragraphs. Students read each paragraph and glue the correct author’s purpose in the box.

This can be used as center work, homework, or assessment.

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