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This super engaging, digital interactive food web lab activity is perfect for reinforcing 5-LS2 or MS-LS2-3 which involves the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers and the environment.

There are 19 plants and animals arranged in a circle and the students draw lines connecting the various food chains involved. I have included a “prompt” slide with food chains for them to use but they may come up with more on their own!

Although I designed this for use on an iPad or computer, this can still be printed out and used on paper. This is uploaded as a PowerPoint so the slides can be sent to the students’ devices and used in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

Included in this resource:

-Key terms to start off the discussion

– Student directions slide

-Food chains slide

– Blank food web slide to send to the students

-Answer slide

-Chart where the students decide which animals are producers, first consumers, second consumers or top consumers.

After the web is finished there are many opportunities for discussions. It should be very apparent that certain animals or plants have many connections to them such as the hawk, grasshopper or snake. There may be other ones as the students add their own food chains. This can lead to a great discussion on how the loss of one animal or plant species, due to disease or human activities, can cause such an impact on the entire food web of an area.

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