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This product includes 125 questions, answers, and explanations on how
to use commas in 5 essential ways. This resource does not cover the
most commonly known rules such as how to use commas in dates or street
addresses but focuses on the key rules that come up in standardized
tests which students tend to forget. The difficulty of this material is
intended for students in the 6th grade and up, but the practice
sentences can be adapted and used by students of any age. The resource
contains in-depth explanations about how to use commas in the ways
described below.

Subject: Essential comma rules
Pages: 15 (125 questions and answers + explanations)
Difficulty: 6th grade and up
Concepts tested:

  • Essential
    comma rules (separating items in a list, non-essential clauses,
    combining independent clauses, use in introductory clauses, and
    separating coordinate adjectives)

This worksheet is
great extra practice for students who are new to learning punctuation
rules or need a refresher on how to apply commas.




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