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Celebrate the newest federal American holiday with the 3 word search puzzles and 1 crossword puzzle in this Juneteenth resource. All the activities use 20 words related to Juneteenth, which became a national holiday on June 17, 2021. Please see below for a list of the words used.

Resource at a Glance:

What will students learn?
* 20 vocabulary words about Juneteenth.
Who is it for?
* All students, including English Language Learners who are not familiar with the holiday.
How does it help teachers?
* Use it to introduce lessons about Juneteenth.
* Puzzles can be used with students who finish work early, in a language arts center, as a filler if you have extra time left in a period, and for homework.
* Print and digital versions let you use this resource when teaching both in-person classes and remotely.
* The digital version lets students practice some technology skills.

What you get in this product:

In the PDF file:
★ A list of materials in the PDF and Google Drive™ files (1 page)
★ Notes to the Teacher (explanatory information for teachers) (1 page)
★ Instructions for accessing the Google Drive™ materials (1 page)
★ Instructions for doing the online versions of the puzzles (4 pages)
★ 3 word search puzzles with answer keys (6 pages)
★ Word bank for the crossword puzzle (1 page)
★ 1 crossword puzzle with answer key (2 pages)
★ Copyright, related products, social media, and credits information (1 page)
★ Cover page (1 page)

In the Google Drive™ materials:
★ Instructions for doing the online versions of the puzzles (4 slides)
★ 3 word search puzzles with answer keys (6 slides)
★ Word bank for the crossword puzzle (1 slide)
★ 1 crossword puzzle with answer key (2 slides)
★ Cover page (1 slide)

More Info:
The word searches are available at 3 levels of difficulty, based on the direction the words are written in the puzzle, so they can meet the needs of all your students, including English Language Learners. Answer keys are provided for all the puzzles. In addition, there is a word bank for the crossword puzzle for students who need additional support.

All the terms used in the puzzles are related to Juneteenth in some way: Barbecue, Confederacy, Emancipation, Enslaved, Equality, Flag, Galveston, Granger, Independence, June, Lincoln, Nineteenth, Picnic, Prayer, Proclamation, Rodeo, Slavery, Soda Pop, Texas, Union.

Both Print and Google Drive™ versions are provided for all the Juneteenth puzzles. The PDF file includes teacher notes, instructions for accessing the online materials, instructions for completing the puzzles as well as all the word searches and the crossword puzzle with their answer keys. The Google Drive™ materials include directions for using the materials, the word search puzzles and the crossword puzzle, and the answer keys for the puzzles.

Here are some suggestions for using this resource about the latest U.S. Federal holiday:
★ For words that may be new, you can have your students find their definitions and use those words in sentences.
★ Students can also draw pictures that illustrate the words to show their understanding.
★ More proficient students can write paragraphs or stories that include some of the words.
★ Extend your students’ learning by having them record their sentences or stories online, for speaking and technology practice.
★ Ask students to write or explain orally what equality and independence mean to them.
★ Students can do some research and then, depending on their language proficiency, write sentences, paragraphs, or compositions about President Lincoln, General Granger, or how Juneteenth is celebrated in their community.

Help your students learn more about what happened on June 19, 1865 with this Juneteenth resource!


Thank you and happy teaching!

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