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This printable will reinforce the phonic skill of distinguishing between long and short vowels particularly the sound of /u/. The student will decide whether the word on the umbrella has a long /u/ sound or a short /u/ sound and then put the umbrella on the corresponding mat.


–2 mats

–28 umbrellas

–28 umbrellas with words and pictures

–recording sheet

Suggestions, tips, and differentiation:

* Have student pick out which umbrellas that they would like to add to the recording sheet. They can then circle either S for short u or L for long u after writing word.

* This can also be made into a file folder game; label is provided.

* Can be used for assessment.

* Can be used in small group, literacy center, and in whole group-circle time.

* Used for the development of speech.

* Put in ABC order.


With this particular game, graphics have been supplied for use as the sticker. The unicorn goes on the backs of the long /u/ umbrellas. The umbrella goes on the back of the short /u/ umbrellas. Glue them on before laminating. After putting all umbrellas on the mats, have child turn over the cards. If the graphics match, they are correct. The graphics are on the particular mat as a reminder.

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