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The information contained within this package include specific support strategies to reduce behavioural concerns over time as well as supporting children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Children’s behaviour does not occur in isolation to the family system; hence a systemic family approach is vital for the development and progress of each individual child. Children change when the relationships around them change.

This package includes some general strategies that can be easily implemented within the family home. These strategies and recommendations include:

– Understanding your children’s behaviour

– Learnt Behaviour

– Building Trust with your children

– Stability and predictability within the home

– Consistent limits and boundaries

– Implementing Behavioural Consequences and Positive Reinforcement

– Fostering Self-Esteem in your children – Why? And How?

– Encourage Conversation through Active Listening and Empathy and Validation

– Supporting your child’s mental health (environmental strategies)

– Encourage a sense of independence and autonomy

– Encourage Positive Behaviour everyday

– Acceptance, Understanding and patience


This resource is a great handout for parents, carers, Disability Support Workers, Child Protection Workers and anyone who provides support for children who have experienced abuse, trauma and neglect.