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With this bundle of plot-based, multiple choice quizzes covering The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, high school English teachers will be able to evaluate reading comprehension, promote homework accountability, and eliminate assessment planning. Answer keys are provided, as are short answer options, and all materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. Information on each individual assessment follows.

Chapter 1. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • Nick’s personal background
  • Nick’s self perception
  • Nick’s perception of Gatsby
  • The setting
  • Nick’s career
  • The contrast between West Egg and East Egg
  • Nick’s academic background
  • A character description of Daisy
  • A character description of Tom
  • A character description of Jordan
  • The green light in the distance

Chapter 2. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • Conditions of daily life in the valley
  • The enormous advertisement overlooking the valley
  • A character description of George Wilson
  • A character description of Myrtle
  • A trip to the Morningside Heights apartments
  • Speculation concerning Gatsby’s background
  • The behavior of the party-goers (and Nick’s reaction to it)
  • Tom’s gift to Myrtle
  • Myrtle’s behavior and why it unsettles Tom
  • How Tom takes his anger out on Myrtle

Chapter 3. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • The flamboyant nature of Gatsby’s parties
  • The enduring mystery of Gatsby’s background
  • Sensationalized rumors surrounding Gatsby
  • Owl Eyes’ surprising realization about Gatsby’s books
  • Nick and Gatsby’s shared past
  • Nick’s characterization of Gatsby’s smile
  • Gatsby’s manner of speaking to others
  • Gatsby’s general behavior at his own party
  • Gatsby’s request to see Jordan
  • The drunken incident involving Owl Eyes
  • Nick’s characterization of Jordan

Chapter 4. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • The purpose of Nick’s list
  • The apparent inconsistencies in Gatsby’s autobiography
  • Gatsby’s proof to assuage Nick’s skepticism
  • Gatsby’s interaction with a police officer
  • Meyer Wolfsheim’s questionable background
  • Nick’s new assumption concerning Gatsby’s wealth
  • Gatsby’s motive to move into his West Egg mansion
  • A revelation concerning the green light across the water
  • A request Gatsby makes of Jordan

Chapter 5. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • Gatsby’s efforts to convince Nick to arrange a reunion
  • Gatsby’s gratitude to Nick for agreeing
  • Daisy’s humorous response to Nick’s request that Tom not join
  • Examples of Gatsby’s self-conscious and nervous behavior
  • Daisy’s being brought to tears
  • Gatsby’s long nights outside staring at the green light
  • Klipspringer
  • A characterization of Gatsby’s mansion

Chapter 6. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • Gatsby’s biography
  • Gatsby’s college experience
  • Gatsby’s job to pay for college
  • Gatsby meeting Dan Cody
  • Dan Cody’s influence on Gatsby
  • Tom’s presence in Gatsby’s house
  • Tom’s suspicions of Gatsby
  • Nick’s insight concerning Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship
  • The death of a dream

Chapter 7. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • Gatsby’s rationale for ceasing the parties
  • Gatsby’s concerns that information about Daisy will be revealed
  • A luncheon at Tom and Daisy’s house
  • A revelation concerning Myrtle
  • Tom’s confrontation with Gatsby
  • Gatsby’s assured reaction to Tom’s confrontational behavior
  • A surprise shift in Daisy’s feelings
  • The death of Myrtle (what happened, who’s responsible, etc.)
  • Gatsby’s desire to protect Daisy from Tom

Chapter 8. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • A broken promise
  • The gardener’s intention and Gatsby’s refusal
  • Nick’s judgment of Gatsby
  • Dr. T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes and Wilson’s interpretation of them
  • Myrtle’s death
  • Wilson’s beliefs concerning Myrtle’s death
  • A tragic, deadly incident

Chapter 9. Questions on this quiz pertain to the following key details:

  • Underwhelming attendance at Gatsby’s funeral
  • An unexpected telegram
  • Henry Gatsby’s discovery of his son’s death
  • Young Gatsby’s self-improvement plan
  • A brief conversation with Klipspringer
  • Nick’s decision to move back to the Midwest
  • Nick and Jordan’s breakup
  • An encounter with Tom
  • Tom’s feelings concerning Gatsby’s death
  • Nick’s character assessment of Tom and Daisy
  • Nick’s analysis of people’s dreams