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Item description

5 PLUMP Turkey’s poem is a fun and interactive poem for kids. Children use puppets to retell the poem, identify rhyming words, and make their own rhymes. The Turkey Art and a silly writing prompt are perfect for a classroom display!


Included in the Turkey Poem:

  • Poem reading instruction sheet
  • Poem (with actions)
  • Highlight the rhyming words in the poem worksheet
  • The Poem is out of order! Cut out the sentences and put the poem in the correct order.
  • Make your own 5 PLUMP Turkeys poem. Finish the sentences with your own and make sure the end words rhyme!
  • Turkey Art! Create your own turkey to display your poem.
  • 5 PLUMP Turkeys mini-book (2 versions: 1 read-only and 1 choose the rhyme)
  • 5 PLUMP Turkeys “puppets” 2 pages of scenery to use while reading, retelling, or reenacting the poem. Laminate and Velcro or use with craft sticks!
  • Color your own turkey “puppets” and scenery to retell the poem at home!
  • Sequence the poem. Cut out the turkeys and put them in order by what they said in the poem.
  • Writing prompt. If you were a turkey, how would you escape?


This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!