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This Tab Booklet is great to use on the upper elementary level when teaching Weather and meets the Georgia Fourth Grade Science GSE’s for the following objective:

S4E4: Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to predict weather events and infer weather charts/maps, and collected weather data.

  • a. Construct an explanation of how weather instruments are used in gathering weather data and making forecasts.

  • b. Interpret data from weather maps, including fronts, temperature, pressure, and precipitation to make an informed prediction about tomorrow’s weather.

  • c. Ask questions and use observations of cloud types (cirrus, stratus, and cumulus) and data of weather conditions to predict weather events.

  • d. Construct an explanation based on research to communicate the difference between weather and climate.

This tab booklet can be used for whole group instruction, differentiation, review for test, or for those early finishers.

This tab booklet includes:

7 Page Student Booklet (blackline)

7 Page Teacher Answer Key (answers in red)

Teacher Directions

2 Covers-one with the GA GSE’s on the spine; the other without.

Vocabulary included in tab booklet:






rain gauge


wind vane


cold front

warm front

stationary front

high pressure system

low pressure system

clouds-cirrus, stratus, cumulus



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